Care for Older People

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Care for Older People in Hertfordshire & Essex

We provide a wide range of care in home services, to enable older people to live at home safely for as long as possible.

Our approach is to deliver a personalised care service that can be measured by the outcomes it delivers for the service users. We understand the importance of having continuity in the care clients receive, which is also allied to flexibility in meeting their needs, and which is fully responsive and adaptable to their requirements.

Who may benefit from our support?

As people grow older they can become vulnerable within their home and as a result be affected by health problems and mobility issues. Whilst these problems can occur over a period of time, people can also experience a sudden change or crisis in their health or perhaps that of a relative.

Practical support on a regular basis is often required and increasingly Southern Family Care are providing intensive support for individuals, who require a higher level of support either through a crisis or on an on-going basis as a result of increased frailty and ill health.

We recognise the importance of promoting independence and the benefits of working with an older person through a crisis or after an episode in hospital to relearn or regain daily living skills.Our ability to be able to deliver such a wide range of care services enables Southern Family Care to be fully responsive to changing needs, and to support the most vulnerable older people to stay at home for as long as it is safe to do so. All of these services can be provided directly to the client via the Direct Payments scheme, as well as commissioned by the local authority.

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