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We believe in the importance of community.


Southern Family Care also believes that we will all need support at some point in our lives, but with correct support all of us can flourish and be full and active citizens.

Coming up with ideas is not enough, we are committed to delivering real positive changes in the lives of individuals and families who have care and support needs.

We value every person as an individual and aim to support individuals to overcome the challenges they face, in order to lead independent, happy and fulfilled lives.

Our support/care workers are experts through experience. We pride ourselves on listening and learning, changing and evolving our support so that it suits where the person is now and focused on where they want to go next in life.

Southern Family Care works with three key service groups;

  • Children and families.
  • Adults with support needs
  • Support for older people.

Some key principles help us to do this ensuring the person we are supporting retains power and control where possible to ensure they direct their own support.

We have a straight forward accessible hands on management structure.

  • As peoples requirements and wishes change, their support changes with them.
  • We work in close partnership with families, friends and other agencies.
  • We want to exist as a small local based organisation in order to keep our focus on the people we work with and the connection with their local community.

Information from the Care Quality Commission

Southern Family Care Ltd is regulated by CQC to provide care

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Checking national standards in hospitals, care homes & care services.

Mission Statement

Southern Family Care believes every person has a right to live in and be part of their local community.  Children, adults with support needs and older people have a voice and a right to be heard.  We aim to ensure that people who use our services have the opportunity to live an ordinary and valued life, with power and control over what they do now and in the future.

Ultimately Southern Family Care want to deliver support that makes people’s lives better.

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