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Children & Family

children and families
Southern Family Care work to promote child safety and good parenting in partnership with families, education and social services.

In partnership with key support agencies we are able to engage directly with parents and vulnerable children to address and alleviate many of the problems which can arise from poverty, ill health and disruption within families.

Children and families benefit from the practical support we can offer and in providing such support children benefit from a sense of security that may of previously been missing. Children also benefit  from the planned activities we organise which help to build their confidence enabling them to achieve their true potential.

Southern Family Care is also able to use its expertise to support children with disabilities and their families in dealing with child care and accessing support services.

We support young people in the transition to adulthood when issues of mental health, self-harm, drugs, relationship difficulties, offending and unemployment can all potentially have a devastating impact upon a young person at a critical time in their lives.

Individuals Who May Benefit From Our Support;

Parents experiencing difficulties in their own lives that have a negative impact upon their children.
Children who need and would benefit from additional support to access education and community based activities.
Parents who need practical advice and support in parenting or who require additional support to facilitate contact with a child/children living with another parent or alternative carers.
Young people who need additional support in dealing with what can sometimes seem overwhelming challenges of becoming independent including care leavers.

Services We Offer For Children and Families:

Parenting skills and practical support for parents including short breaks.
Activity based support for children at home and in the community
Contact and access services to assist families and agencies facilitate contact and planning for children
Practical home support and community based support for families with a child with a disability
We can also provide these services through the direct payments scheme


Information from the Care Quality Commission

Southern Family Care Ltd is regulated by CQC to provide care

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Checking national standards in hospitals, care homes & care services.

Mission Statement

Southern Family Care believes every person has a right to live in and be part of their local community.  Children, adults with support needs and older people have a voice and a right to be heard.  We aim to ensure that people who use our services have the opportunity to live an ordinary and valued life, with power and control over what they do now and in the future.

Ultimately Southern Family Care want to deliver support that makes people’s lives better.

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