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Night Support

24/7 support

Night sitting or night time support are both ways of providing support at home for individuals who need or may require attention during the night.

It is also a very important service for families encountering the often overwhelming difficulties of children with challenging behaviour issues. We help parents who are dealing with the bulk of the care during the waking hours, but need to have their own rest time.

Night sitters are experienced support workers who will stay with a client whilst they sleep and be ready to deal with any issues that may arise in the night.

Night support provides a support worker who will sleep over but be prepared to provide any assistance ranging from making an anxious person feel safe, to high level family support assisting

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Mission Statement

Southern Family Care believes every person has a right to live in and be part of their local community.  Children, adults with support needs and older people have a voice and a right to be heard.  We aim to ensure that people who use our services have the opportunity to live an ordinary and valued life, with power and control over what they do now and in the future.

Ultimately Southern Family Care want to deliver support that makes people’s lives better.

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