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The Team

Our Team
We train our staff by increasing their awareness of how social work and social care services are moving forward.  Our core values are underpinned by these advancements and we constantly strive to deliver a service that is built on the advancing developments.  Strategic changes are and have been delivered throughout the social care sector to encourage work force development. We train our staff in such a way that these certain principles and standards are enforced in everything we do.

Our focus on work force developments will ensure that service users benefit from a safe, skilled and trusted work force. Having our employees regulated and fully trained will give them the skills to deliver a professional and also person centred service.

Southern Family Care has a clearly defined management structure.  All our staff are supported by managers with a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Care Manager

The care manager has relevant qualifications to degree level and vast experience across a wide range of care sectors, obtaining an enviable breadth of knowledge and expertise in this field.  This is balanced with a wealth of knowledge from specialist colleagues from different sectors.

The care manager is assessed and regulated as a manager by the Care Quality Commission and meets the exacting standards required by the United Kingdom Governments regulating body to fulfil this role.

Duties include: staff recruitment, training, carrying out customer assessments, daily office responsibilities and liaising with clients and other professionals.

Quality assurance is also fundamental of the Care Manager as they are responsible for maintaining accurate records in preparation for external and internal audits.

Case Manager

This role is focused on providing support and supervising our staff while they provide care or support for our clients.  Their background is in the care sector with extensive hands-on experience and qualified to a minimum of NVQ 3 qualification. Case Managers ensure care plans are inspected and updated as required and that the high quality service Southern Family Care insist upon is maintained. 

Office Co-ordinator

This role is office based only, the co-ordinator will most likely be the first point of contact when clients telephone Southern Family Care.  This role is essentially client and staff focused.  It is the co-ordinators role to liase daily with both staff and customers.  Other key responsibilities include preparation of staff weekly rotas and relaying any changes to customer visits to the appropriate staff.

Support Workers/Carers

Southern Family Care only recruit staff directly and do not use outside agencies for this purpose.  This ensures all personnel meet the high standards we demand.  The role of the support worker is very much about delivering care and support to the highest standard so that our cleints can be independent and where possible active in the community.  Support workers will have a level three qualification and or relevant care/support experience.

Information from the Care Quality Commission

Southern Family Care Ltd is regulated by CQC to provide care

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Checking national standards in hospitals, care homes & care services.

Mission Statement

Southern Family Care believes every person has a right to live in and be part of their local community.  Children, adults with support needs and older people have a voice and a right to be heard.  We aim to ensure that people who use our services have the opportunity to live an ordinary and valued life, with power and control over what they do now and in the future.

Ultimately Southern Family Care want to deliver support that makes people’s lives better.

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